Pet Policy

Only if your unit, or the unit for which you are applying, allows pets can you have a pet on the premises under the following conditions (Campus rentals allow only 1 dog up to 40 lbs or 1 cat) Houses and duplexes case by case basis.

  • $300 refundable pet security deposit
  • $100 additional security deposit for each additional pet
  • $25 monthly pet rent for each pet
  • Photo of pet must be submitted with pet application
  • Signed pet agreement must be in place before pet is allowed on the property

Additionally, pets must meet the following requirements:

  • Dogs and cats must be neutered or spayed, house-broken, and up to date with vaccinations and licensing (as required by law). For dogs, vaccinations required are Distemper/Parvo/Rabies. For cats, vaccinations required are Distemper/Rabies. Documentation must be provided with pet application showing your pet has had updated vaccinations and has been spayed/neutered.
  • Dogs/Cats must be over one year old.
  • Dogs must not fall under or contain any mix of the following restricted breeds: Rottweiler, Pit Bull, or Chow.
  • Pets must not be considered exotic animals as determined by Stewardship Properties.

All dogs must be crated or other arrangements must be made for any unaccompanied dog during all inspections, showings, maintenance repairs or when a Stewardship representative is present for any reason.

Reptiles or caged animals: rabbits, ferrets, gerbils, hamsters, rats and mice are not permitted at any of our campus properties. Houses and Duplexes are case by case basis.

Please note:
Visiting or baby-sitting pets are never allowed under any circumstances. If an animal is discovered to be on the premises that either does not meet all of the above conditions and requirements, or is not a documented assistance animal already on a Stewardship Properties assistance animal agreement, then this will be considered a violation of the lease and grounds for a termination of tenancy.

Violations of Pet Policy are assessed at $250.00 per incident