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A Group Contact Form is required when three or more people are applying (excludes married couples). Only one Group Contact Form is needed per group of applicants.

House Manager Contact Information

*The house manager will be the contact person and will be used in order to access any and all information for the group applying. Please list the house manager on any and all means of communication that are turned into Stewardship Properties.

Secondary Applicant Information

Co Signer Form Included

*If an applicant requires a co-signer, it must be included in the Group Application in order to be processed. Without the co-signer form, the application is incomplete and will NOT be processed. If one member of the house requires, all members of the house will require a co-signer.

Address Applying For

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Group Contact Form

Please print, fill out and return to:

Stewardship Rentals 1247 Villard Street Eugene, OR 97403
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