Application Screening Policies

Application Process:

  • Each adult applicant, 18 or older, MUST submit an application.
  • Applications are processed in the order they are received.
  • All qualified applications will be asked to sign a non-disclosure form before we can run a background check.
  • Applicants may be rejected based on demeanor toward Stewardship Properties employees or other parties through the entire application process.
  • Any information provided that is incomplete, unverifiable, inaccurate, or falsified may be grounds for denial of the application, applicant(s), or co-signer and/or ground of a lease agreement.
  • If applicant does not meet the requirements below they may have a qualified co-signer co-sign on their behalf.
  • We may require 3-5 business days to verify information on an application.

Rental History:

  • Each applicant must provide verifiable rental history for 2 consecutive years or more. Rental history from a friend or family member is not valid.
  • Applicants must provide contact information for past landlords. We reserve the right to deny an application if we are unable to verify prior rental history.
  • If applicant does not have 2 years of verifiable rental history exceptions may be made for applicants with qualified co-signers.

Employment/Sufficient Income Information:

  • Net household income must be 3 times the rent (excluding utilities).
  • Applicant(s) must have current verifiable employment and will need to have been at job 1 year or more.
  • Income must be verified through pay stubs, employer contact, proof of self-employment, proof of non-employment income, and/or Social Security letter.
  • If applicant does not have verifiable income equaling to 3 times the rent exceptions may be made for applicants with qualified co-signers.

Credit/Criminal/Eviction Reports:

  • Felonies and evictions will be evaluated on a case by case basis and may lead to denial.
  • Applicants with evictions less than 5 years and/or still owe money will be denied.
  • If any of this information is falsified during the applications process, or on the application itself, it will constitute an automatic denial.
  • Any criminals or offenders approved may be denied living in units with a shared living space i.e. quads depending on the nature of the offence.


  • All co-signers are held to the same standard as general applicants.
  • Income must be 4-5 times the rental amount.
  • Must read and sign our co-signer contract.
  • Must give verbal confirmation of being willing to co-sign.

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